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“A feeling of serendipity has surrounded each aspect of creating my first home fragrance range, from the evocative scents to the beautiful presentation.”

Takahashi Hiroko is a Japanese artist recognised for her bold designs and a fusion of Japanese craftsmanship with contemporary culture. Hiroko completed a PhD at Tokyo University of the Arts where she mastered traditional crafts such as dyeing, weaving and engraving. She has previously collaborated with Issey Miyake, Fred Perry, and Clinique amongst others.

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Japanese Stories is Takahashi Hiroko’s first home fragrance collection, created in collaboration with BlissHome and Thomas Merlo & Partners. The collection includes five unique fragrances, each inspired by a different memory of Hiroko’s childhood in Tokyo. The fragrances are presented in ceramic vessels decorated in her bold signature monochrome motifs. Hiroko’s patterns are restricted to circles and straight lines, a metaphor for a simple life.

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IV Yon

V Go

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  • Home fragrance comes gift boxed
  • Scented candles have a continual burn time of 24 hours and totem candles have a burn time of around a week, however it is recommended to not burn any candle for longer than 4 hours at a time.
  • Diffuser lasts for approximately three months and refills are available

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